I’m a…Jesus disciple; student of the Bible; wife; mom of 3 tween girls; writer/blogger- sharing the gospel; consumer of coffee, dark chocolate & lobster rolls! I’m so glad you stopped by and hope you’ll join me in following Jesus through the Reformed, Calvinistic, Puritan, Imputationist* lens of the Gospel.

God’s graKristen1Headshot2015ce has done a transforming work in my life, and continues on in sanctification. I was “saved” at the age of four! It was a genuine understanding of the Gospel message and a work of divine grace. His power and grace has held and kept me, even when at times I struggle with sin or have not been completely faithful to Him. His power and grace have also taught me lessons when there have been hard things in life going through the sanctification process.

The most notable thing that happened to me, which shook me to the core, and caused a “Great Awakening” of sorts in my life, was when my husband and I suffered three consecutive miscarriages in 2003. There are several other large events, good and bad, that have happened since then, all building and refining my faith in different ways. None of us (converted) will ever reach perfection this side of heaven, but our circumstances are used by God to shape us and move us closer to Him.

“Who is the man who fears the Lord [with awe-inspired reverence and worships Him with submissive wonder]? He will teach him [through His word] in the way he should choose.” Psalm 25:12 (AMP)

For most of my years, I held to a more Arminian view of theology. We attended more “seeker sensitive,” “squishy,” “feel good” types of churches. Recently, I have delved more deeply into theology, and God brought me back to the basics. Through that, I have rejected many of the Arminian and charismatic beliefs and identify with the Reformers and the doctrines of grace, commonly known as “Calvinism.” See my Faith page for more on this.

Why call the blog “In Awe & Wonder?” Here is an excellent article by Jen Wilkin at the Desiring God website that gets to the point. We need to stand in awe and wonder and reverence for God every day. That is true worship, purpose, and contentment.

“We cease offering reverence and awe to a human standard by instead offering it to its true object: God himself. This is worship. And when we “worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness” (Psalm 96:9) an interesting thing happens: we do rediscover our true identity — as sinners redeemed by grace, in a manner that defies human understanding.” Jen Wilkin

“Women, Trade Self-Worth for Awe and Wonder”

We relocated to the shore of Southern Maine in 2015, (from PA). We have found a smaller, more Calvinistic church that we are settling into. It is really wild how New England is the place so rich with church history, where the Pilgrims and Puritans landed in the new world, and later where the Great Awakening happened… yet now, how far they have fallen into libralism, secularism, and even false religions. It is really, really difficult to find a good church here that presents the true gospel message.

I hope this blog will reflect Jesus Christ and the Gospel, edify my sisters in Christ, be a place to find solid resources strengthening our faith, and glorifying Jesus as our King, our Priest, and our Savior.


*Imputationist = When “Evangelical” just doesn’t cut it anymore… We are believers who identify with the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to sinners (2 Cor. 5:21) Watch a sermon by R.C. Sproul: The Doctrine of Imputation