This page is for theologically and doctrinally sound resources. Unfortunately, we can’t just pick up a book, DVD, CD, radio station, or podcast, even if it says “Christian” on it anymore. There are so many ways things are twisted, verses are out of context, there are underlying agendas, people aren’t interpreting correctly, there are false teachers, and even things like mysticism, superstition, and ideas from Eastern religions/New Age are creeping into Christian teachings. We need to be discerning. We need to know Scripture and hold everything up to the lens of the Bible to see if it’s sound or not. It takes work and being on guard. To save a little time, I am making this page to keep a running list of recommended resources that are solid. (The people and ministries on these lists clearly share the gospel message, handle Scripture correctly, and are Reformed or semi-Reformed in their doctrine and theology.)

Women Authors

Nancy Guthrie
Susan Hunt
Susan Heck
Kathleen Nielson
Jen Wilkin
Gloria Furman
Carolyn Mahaney
Martha Peace
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Rebekah Markle
Melissa Kruger
Courtney Doctor
Suzannah Spurgeon
Elisabeth Elliot
Jen Thorn
Barbara Hughes
Aimee Byrd
Jackie Hill Perry
Rosaria Butterfield
Christina Fox
Eva Anderson
Tara Barthel
Keri Folmar
Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgamuth
Kay Arthur
Elizabeth George

Monergism and Chapel Library are great places to find excellent resources. They even offer loads of free and cheap eBooks.


Shane & Shane
Citizens & Saints
Kings Kaleidoscope
Rivers & Robots
Shai Linne
Sovereign Grace
Indelible Grace
Keith & Kristyn Getty
Bifrost Arts
Ivey Conerly
J.J. Heller
Jimmy Needham
Timothy Brindle
V. Rose
Trip Lee
Sam Ock
J. Han
All Sons & Daughters
Ghost Ship
Lecrae (old stuff)
Dustin Kensrue
The Modern Post
Andrew Peterson
Jackie Hill Perry
Sarah Sparks
Chelsea Moon
Jon Foreman
Rend Collective
Sara Groves
Ferdnando Ortega
Bethany Dillon

* I recommend avoiding Hillsong and Jesus Culture. They are with the Word of Faith and NAR movements – gateways to dangerous stuff.


1517 Podcast Community
5 Minutes in Church History
5S Podcast with James Watkins
Alpha & Omega Ministries – The Dividing Line
Apologetics Live with Matt Slick & Andrew Rappaport
Apologia Radio
Are You Just Watching? with Eve Franklin & Tim Martin
Bible Q&A with John MacArthur
The Bluestocking Baptists with Hannah Oliver & Esther Faulkner
The Briefing
By Faith
Calvinist Batman & Friends
Christ the Center
Christian Conversations Unfiltered with Pete Orta
The Church at Pecan Creek
Dare to Think
Didache with Justin Peters
Doctrine & Devotion
EchoZoe Radio
Equipping Eve
Fighting for the Faith
Fire Away!
Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study
Glory Cloud Podcast
Grace to You: Radio
A Happy Home
History of the Christian Church
Iron Sharpens Iron
Just Thinking
Mama Bear Apologetics
MLJ Trust (Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermons)
Mortification of Spin
Naomi’s Table
The New Geneva Podcast
No Compromise Radio
Pirate Christian Radio
The Peter Heck Podcast
Rapp Report with Andrew Rappaport
Rapp Report Daily
Regular Reformed Guys
Renewing Your Mind
Risen Motherhood
Science, Scripture, and Salvation
Simply Put
Solid Food Ministries Podcast
So You Want To Be A Podcaster?
Theology Driven
Theology Gals
The Thinking Fellows Podcast
Today’s Creation Moment
Truth for Life
Voice of Reason Radio
What Are We Even Doing Here? with Daryl & Karen Updike
When We Understand the Text (WWUTT)
White Horse Inn
The World and Everything In It
Wretched Radio


A Daughter of the Reformation
Abandoned to Christ
Apprising Ministries
The Aquila Report
Beautiful Thing
Berean Examiner
Berean Research
Blogging Theologically
Christian Answers for the New Age
Christina Fox
Conforming to the Truth
The Cripplegate
Delivered by Grace
Discerning Reader
Do Not Be Surprised
The End Time
enCourage – PCA Women’s ministry
Entreating Favor
For the Gospel
Graciously Redeemed
Guarding the Deposit
The Heidelblog
Housewife Theologian
Love God Greatly
Making A House A Home
Mere Liberty
Michelle Lesley
The Midwestern Baptist
Naomi’s Table
A Narrow-Minded Woman
Out of the Ordinary
The Outspoken TULIP
The Reformed Arsenal
Reformed Mama
The Reformed Reader
The Reluctant First Lady
Renewed in Truth
The Riddleblog
Satisfaction Through Christ
She Shall Be Called
Slave to the King
Sola Sisters
Spirit of Error
Steak and a Bible
Things Above Us
Thankful Homemaker
Thinking of God
Tim Challies
Wise In His Eyes
Women’s Hope Project
Women Under Grace


1517 The Legacy Project
9 Marks
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Alpha & Omega Ministries
Answers in Genesis
Biblical Training
Bible Thumping Wingnut
Chapel Library
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Chapter 3 Ministries
Critical Issues Commentary
Desiring God
Grace To You
Heart Cry Missionary Society
Joni and Friends
Justin Peters Ministries
Ligonier Ministries
Living Waters
MLJ Trust (Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermons)
Naomi’s Table
Reasonable Theology
Solid Food Ministries
Striving For Eternity
The Gospel Coalition
White Horse Inn
Whole Magazine
Women With The Master
Women Under Grace

My Favorite Pastors/Theologians (Living)

Mike Abendroth
Joel Beeke
Alistar Begg
Voddie Bochman
Josh Buice
D.A. Carson
R. Scott Clark
Bob DeWaay
Kevin DeYoung
Eric Douma
Sinclair Ferguson
Todd Friel
Robert Godfrey
Ken Ham
Michael Horton
Gabe Hughes
Phil Johnson
Tim Keller
Steve Lawson
John MacArthur
Albert Mohler
Stephen Nichols
Justin Peters
David Platt
Nate Pickowicz
John Piper
R.C. Sproul
Joe Thorn
Paul David Tripp
Frank Turk
Paul Washer
James White
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Charles Spurgeon


American Gospel: Christ Alone
The Atheist Delusion
Calvinist (a documentary)
Amazing Grace (3-parts) The History & Theology of Calvinism
Luther (a documentary)
Through the Eyes of Spurgeon – Official Documentary
The Story of John Wycliffe
Unpopular, the movie

Radio Stations

Unfortunately, there aren’t many. But one that I used to listen to a lot and haven’t much lately is WMBI, Moody Broadcasting. Looking at their web site, I can say they do have some good pastors still doing shows, such as David Platt, John MacArthur, and Alistar Begg. There are some that I don’t know. I also don’t know what their call-in shows are like or what type of music they’re playing. They have stations in several states, a mobile app, podcasts/iTunes, and online listening. Look at their web site, do your homework on their programs, and find a way to listen if you feel like it’s good for you.

The one I can wholeheartedly recommend is RefNet, which is a mobile app that puts out Reformed preaching and teaching. I have it on my phone and listen to it a lot.

Another one is Expositor.FM, 24-hour Internet Christian radio.

And Pirate Christian Radio – Christ FOR YOU talk radio that refuses to scratch itching ears.

If you want to download some sermons to go, visit the MLJ Trust page for content from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.