Time Out for Remembrance: Celebrating My Husband’s Life

Labor Day weekend this year marked the fourth anniversary of my husband’s plight with a brain tumor. In 2007, Devin was attempting to get back in shape and beginning to run again. He had been an athlete in high school, mainly with basketball and soccer. He ran a lot and continued to stay in shapeContinue reading “Time Out for Remembrance: Celebrating My Husband’s Life”

Time Out for Remembrance: Hurricane Katrina

This time of year brings a time of remembrance and special prayer for me. There are three tragic events that have happened around this time in our lives. I will be sharing three “Time Out for Remembrance” posts. Then I’ll get back to the love language series. We just passed the sixth anniversary of HurricaneContinue reading “Time Out for Remembrance: Hurricane Katrina”

Spontaneous Community

Our Pastor is currently doing a series about Kingdom Living and has brought up a lot of good points. This past Sunday, the message was basically about spontaneous community. He first reviewed thoughts and Scripture passages about community itself and how we’re called to be in community with one another and how great the needContinue reading “Spontaneous Community”