Homeschool Convention: Raising Boys


I volunteered to help the Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) organization this year as a convention blogger. That means at least once a month, I’ll be writing about the upcoming convention. As a new homeschooler and new to Maine, I’m excited to attend the HOME Convention in the spring and experience it myself.

We went on a field trip to the Maine State Aquarium as part of HOME last month. It was a fantastic time and I appreciate the time and energy that was put into organizing this outing. My girls loved it! (I posted photos on Facebook, and I’ll make a post with them here, too.)

For all my homeschooling friends in other states, you might even enjoy browsing through the HOME blog. They post encouragement and tips for homeschooling across all types of situations, not just for “Mainers.” Click the banner below to go to the HOME website and click on HOME Blog in the left sidebar.

HOMEheaderI am a mama raising girls, so why am I writing about raising boys? Because one of the keynote speakers at the convention will be a couple, Hal & Melanie Young. They have eight kids – six boys and two girls, and homeschool them all. They wrote a book, Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys and they run Raising Real Men Boot Camp.

Even though I’m not raising boys, many other superhero mamas are. I noticed that 15 of my Facebook friends already follow the Young’s Raising Real Men page on Facebook. And, guess what? Those boys will become my girls’ husbands one day, so I’m rooting for them to be raised well!


Awesome topics, for parents of boys or girls, and homeschoolers or not…

Also, I am excited about some of the topics they will be speaking about during the convention. They are holding several workshops, and in addition to the ones about home educating your kids and raising boys, here are some talks the Youngs will be giving:

Passing the Baton – letting homeschooled kids grow up and become men and women

Parenting Preteens – the woes and wiles of the 9-12 age group

Developing the Next Generation of Leadership – looking for potential leaders to disciple and train to keep your kids/homeschooling ministry going

Sanity’s in the Freezer: Bulk Cooking to Save Time – how to feed your family well on less money and minimal kitchen time

Dating, Courtship, and All That (Teen Track) – preparing Christian young people for marriage and parenting; navigating the confusing years of singleness; and practical encouragement

Media Proofing Your Kids – learn how to teach your children discernment, protect them from being manipulated by the messages around them, and instead to engage their culture for Christ

A House Not Divided: Building Unity Instead of Rivalry – learn how to tear down obstacles and build up family unity in fun, memorable ways


Also, aren’t these little robot bugs cute? (Techy-nerd alert!)

HexbugI’m a girly-girl tech-head – I know it’s a bit of an enigma – I studied computer science in college. Perhaps when my girls get a bit older, one or more of them will share my nerdy side and maybe we can try to build one of these Hex Bugs.

The company that makes Hex Bugs and other hands-on electronics kits will be an exhibitor at the HOME Convention. Applied Inspirations, LLC “takes ideas into reality,” by: examples – tutorials and projects that demonstrate ideas taken from concept to reality, tools – PC boards, software, hardware and kits to explore turning new ideas into products, and services – for those without the skills, tools or time, they provide services to develop part of, or the whole idea.

appliedinspirationsI look forward to seeing Hex Bugs in real life!

Thanks to the Homeschoolers of Maine ministry for the great support they give to home educators in this state. Pray for the HOME Board as the Convention time draws near! {Click the link above to register or become a volunteer.}