“Fool For You,” Interview with Karen Shea

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Please welcome Christian musician Karen Shea to the blog! I’m so excited to have her featured here and introduce you to her. Her faith and enthusiasm are contagious!

I don’t know about you, but music is a big part of my life. Worship is powerful and soaking my soul in Biblical truths and positive, uplifting and inspiring messages is a necessity. As a teen, I sat on the porch with my cassette tapes in my Walkman for hours, jamming to Christian music, like DC Talk. And now? I’m raising my girls up with a good foundation and love of Christian music…and that includes Karen’s music.

I used to fantasize about being a singer, but I think it’s best I stick to my hairbrush microphone and just keep writing!

Karen and I have been friends on Facebook for a long while…some time before she got married. We have a few mutual friends, but otherwise, I’m not even sure how we connected. Nevertheless, I’ve paid attention to her, knowing she was a budding singer and filled with God’s light.

When she reached out to me about helping promote her new single, “Fool For You,” I was delighted!

Me: Tell us a little bit about yourself…Where do you call home?

K: West Virginia is still home to me, but I live in Nashville, TN.

Me: Is it true that you’re a “newlywed?” (I’m not sure when that label officially wears off!)

K: I’ve been married for a year and 1/2, but it still feels new. 🙂

Me: How is married life for you?

K: I love it so much! I have an amazing husband!

Me: What’s your favorite food?

K: Anything Mexican!

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Me: Tell us about you as a musician…How long have you been singing? How did you get your start?

K: I’ve loved to sing for as long as I can remember, but I got my start leading worship for my youth group at 16. That’s when I realized music could be a vehicle to reach others so I began to pursue it outside of church and consistently!

Me: Do you play any instruments?

K: Guitar!

Me: Do you write your own music?

K: I like to co-write! I’ve learned that songs come out stronger when a strong team comes together on them!

Me: If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

K: TobyMac! I love his music and I love the energy in his performances! I think it’d be a good collaboration!

Me: What song do you love to perform the most?

K: I’m most excited about performing my new single “Fool For You”. It’s so fun!

Me: What inspires you, moves you, or gets your creative juices flowing?

K: I draw inspiration from anything that can encourage others. I listen to others and what they are walking through. A lot of times it inspires me to write a song of encouragement. Sometimes I write from my personal journey. If I’m walking through something that I know will give hope to others I write about that. And scripture. When I spend time in the Word something will jump out at me that I know I have to sing about.

Me: How would you describe your music for those who haven’t heard it before?

K: Pop, with a taste of rock, and lyrically bold.

Me: Who are your favorite artists or your favorite songs to listen to?

K: I have a lot! I love TobyMac, Needtobreathe, Ellie Holcomb. Also, a lot of my favorite music right now is music that hasn’t been released yet. I love the new material my husband is writing. And my friends are working on a worship record that I love! 

Me: Tell us about your new single…Is there a “behind the scenes” story with “Fool for You?”

K: There is! I went over to my friends house (which also happens to be my cowriter Morgann David and producer, Paul David’s house)! They pulled up a track that my other cowriter, Greg “Gregatron” Williams had sent over for me to hear. I loved it and Morgann and I immediately started putting lyrics to it. At that point I was feeling pulled so many different directions. Though my flesh is weak my spirit only desired to live for more. “Fool For You” points out what the world says to be and what God says to be and ultimately says “I’m choosing Gods way even if it seems foolish to the world, because I know it’s worth it.”

Me: What is the takeaway message you hope listeners get from “Fool for You?”

K: “For God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong” 1 Corinthians 1:27. I would want people to know that there is difference in living for the world and living for God and it’s worth discerning. A life sold out and surrendered to the purpose of Christ is beautiful.

Me:Fool for You” is a single – what other songs or albums do you have out?

K: My last EP, “My Hearts Desire” is available on iTunes under my maiden name, Karen Spurlock. It features my single, Love is Calling! You can also hear it on my website www.karen-Shea.com 

(I posted “Love is Calling” here so you have a listen to her music!)

Me: Is there a full length album with “Fool for You” coming?

K: I plan to continue recording for a full length album but there is no release date at this time! 

Me: Are you planning to go out on tour?

K: Would love to! We are booking. Keep checking my site for dates!

Me: Tell us about your overall experiences…What has been your greatest blessing(s) as a Christian musician so far?

K: The people that I get to work with and my friends/fans. They are so loyal and supportive. I couldn’t do this without them! 

Me: In what ways do you hope your music impacts people?

K: I want my music to go beyond the concerts and the songs. I love great music and I want everything I release to be done with excellence, but at the end of the day I want my songs to transform hearts. I want to see people live up to their potential. I believe we can achieve that when Christ is in the center of our lives! We are all learning together-so let’s encourage one another!

Me: Do you have a web site or would you like to share your social media handles so people can follow you?

Twitter/Instagram/periscope @karenshea_

Me: Is there anything else you want to share with the blog readers?

K: You are loved and I believe in you! 

You guys, Karen has such an awesome heart for people and following Jesus! “Fool For You” is an exciting and energetic song – one you can workout to, clean your house to, have a dance party with your kids…or your friends, and one that will be totally “cool” blaring out your sunroof! {If you’re a fan of Britt Nicole, Kerrie Roberts, or Jamie Grace…you’ll love Karen’s music!}

Check Karen’s single, “Fool For You” out on iTunes….it’s released TODAY! (Click the link to go there!)