For the Love of Beach Glass and Barbies

I must begin by saying how happy we are to have visited Maine in the summertime and moved here at the end of August so that we can experience some wonderful beach days. So far, the climate has been about the same, if even a few degrees warmer than in Pennsylvania. Most days have been in the 80’s and even 90’s. It seems the sun is out more often here, too.

Our home in Maine

Of course, most houses here don’t have air conditioning. (We bought the house pictured above, after renting along the ocean for nine months. It didn’t have air conditioning either.) In fact, the house we’re renting only has one ceiling fan in the kitchen. Upon the advice of one of my husband’s colleagues who helped us unload our U-Haul, we have our two box fans, and otherwise rely on the breeze from the ocean and opening windows at night.

I do love that the house has a lot of closet space. I’m sure it will be to my hub’s delight…and perhaps all of us will appreciate it when winter hits, that every closet in the house has at least one or two blankets in it. We might be all wrapped up in cocoons unable to traverse the roads or handle the cold.

A walk down to the beach

We’ve been told it can be icy along the coast. The snow accumulation shouldn’t be too bad, unless a “Nor’easter,” as they call it, hits. They said if a storm is coming, stock up and it would behoove my husband to work from home if possible. We’re no strangers to snow. We were born and raised in the “snow belt” of PA – the dumping ground for “lake effect” snow from Lake Erie. Our hometown averages 106″ of snow each year! It’ll be just a little different if a “Nor’easter” were to dump 20+” in one day. We’ve been reassured by many that they keep the roads well maintained.

I did impulsively purchase a 3-pack of boot socks in the $3 bin at Target the other day. It was one of the 90 degree days, but I was planning ahead. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself!) While on that topic, I have to say that I’m delighted to have Target and Kohl’s just 8 short miles away. The closest I’ve ever lived to those stores was in Ohio, when they were about 18 miles away, so I didn’t frequent them often. Anyway, my husband didn’t seem as excited.

Although I’m excited about being near those stores, I am having Aldi’s withdrawal. The closest one is over in New Hampshire. The savings I would get at the store would likely negate itself in the time and gas it would take to go there. So I’m exploring the three grocery chains here: Shaw’s, Hannaford, & Market Basket.

There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts on every other corner in New England. So are dentist offices. I wonder if there’s any correlation?

For now, though, we are soaking up all the sun and beach time we can. We’re in a routine with homeschool enough that we’ve been able to be done with studies by 1:30 or 2 in the afternoon and we bolt out the door for the beach. The girls absolutely love looking for beach glass, certain shells, and other beach treasures.

We’ve found marine hermit crabs, sea crabs, fish, mussels, lots of types of seaweed, cool rocks, and snails. I had no idea hermit crabs were so far north and in the population they seem to be here. The hermits are so cute and the girls have fun playing with them on the beach. (It is illegal to take them off the beach and these guys need saltwater to live. They’re different from the land hermit crabs we’ve had before.)

The girls each have an abundant collection of beach glass! We have found so much – blue, pink, clear, brown and green. I kept my jewelry making stuff accessible (not in storage) so we could perhaps try making some of it into jewelry.

Today’s trip to the beach included taking “The Pearl Princess” (a mermaid) and “Mike the Merman” Barbie/Ken dolls. For the love… being the mom of girls, it’s normal to tote dolls around, especially Barbie types and mini princesses. I had to rescue two of them from being left on the rocks – and was asked to carry a few around with me, which I knew would happen. Gotta love a walk on the beach with “Ken,” (aka “Mike the Merman”).

If you don’t know “Mike the Merman,” let me introduce you. (Click the link if you dare watch the video!) This dude’s real name is Prince Ken Triton, according to Mattel, a character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. One day last year on YouTube, I came across a video featuring “Mike the Merman, Defender of the Sea.” I watched it and was in hysterics. I showed it to the girls and our oldest laughed along with me. But our middle and youngest actually wanted the dolls. Alas, for Christmas we did buy them each a “Mike the Merman” doll. And today he was introduced to the ocean!

Jutting way out on the eastern edge of the Eastern Standard Time zone, we’re adjusting to an earlier sunrise and earlier sunset. That’s a little irritating to me – a night owl. I like dark in the morning and light later in the day. Not a biggie in the grand scheme of things.

We had a great time on our first homeschool field trip to the Maine State Aquarium last week with the Homeschoolers of Maine group.


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