Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing…in Maine

Greetings, Friends!

So much has happened since my last post in June that I don’t know where to begin. I will say that there is one more chapter to post about from the book, “The Pursuit of Holiness,” when I seemed to drop off the face of the blogging earth. I apologize for leaving that hanging. Because I love Jerry Bridge’s message in that book so much and feel it is important to write about, and because my personality is part melancholy and gets irritated with unfinished things, I will finish the book club.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know a bit about what’s been happening. Without all the details at this time, suffice it to say that we have relocated to the southern coast of Maine and I’m homeschooling our girls this year! It’s a whole new state, a whole new church, and a whole new way of life.

2015-09-04 15.32.17In the midst of all the changes and newness, I’ve redesigned the blog yet again…finally finding a theme I love and that will showcase some of the beautiful Maine scenery. Blogging is something that I enjoy and can remain a constant.

The new tagline is, “Keeping the Main Things the main things…in Maine.” In junior high, I had cut out a quote from a magazine that said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” (Looking it up now, the quote is attributed to Steven Covey.) I thought that was such a great play on words. Even then, I knew my priorities and would read it each day as a focal point. This quote has embedded itself within me and followed me through life. So when we relocated to Maine, my mind went to the quote. It might be a bit cheesy, but it fits in neatly with the blog.

2015-08-27 17.18.25I’ll be sharing about life in Maine and living along the northern Atlantic coast. We’re renting a house for the winter that is literally on the coast line. We wake up to the sound of waves. The air is filled with the salty-fishy smell of the ocean. We can walk to two private beaches that are just a hop, skip & jump away. As of next June, we will have to find somewhere else to live, but we are soaking in this living on the ocean while we can. It’s gorgeous and such a blessing.

2015-08-31 09.19.20I’ll be sharing about some of our homeschooling adventures. I have no idea if we will continue beyond this transitional year, and I know I had written a post in the last year that pointed out the reasons why we didn’t homeschool. I’ll probably address that later. God has moved on my heart, and where I was convinced I wouldn’t in a million years be able to handle homeschooling the children He gave us, I’m fully relying on Him and by His grace we are doing it. Homeschooling has proven, in just these three weeks since we’ve started, to contain so many more blessings than I could have imagined.

Of course, I’ll continue sharing about faith, doing book reviews, and perhaps book clubs.

WarriorChicks41I’ll also be sharing thoughts on living the “warrior chick” life. A friend lent me a copy of the book //” target=”_blank”>Warrior Chicks by Holly Wagner {affiliate link} over the summer. I read it in three days. This book made my pulse race. I knew it had touched at the core of my being and my faith experience over the past several years. I’ve been through many battles and storms, keeping up the good fight, learning, growing, and refining. I desire to shine that out – attempting to put some of it into words – giving hope to other fellow warrior chicks – learning how to be overcomers despite our circumstances.

I co-led a Facebook group through (in)courage called, “Refuge in the Storm,” which was for women who had been through or were going through storms in their lives. It was a place of encouragement, prayer and support. To know they’re not alone and to continue walking in faith. The session with (in)courage ended a while back and we were supposed to end/delete our groups. However, ours stuck around and many ladies have stayed in the group for prayer support. I changed the name to “Warrior Chicks {41}” and would like to have an open invitation to my blog readers to join us.

Here’s the new description: A secret group for women who are “warrior chicks,” thriving in life’s storms, overcoming the battles. We might be cracked, broken, wounded and scarred, but we’re stronger and growing – bearing beautiful fruit by the power and grace of God. Our lives are dedicated to ardently loving God and loving others.

Warrior Chicks {41} is a closed and secret group, so you’ll need to click this link and ask to join. You won’t find it on a search on Facebook. If you’re already my friend on FB, I can easily add you to the group if you let me know you’d like to join us. Or you can send me an email (KristenHami7 at gmail dot com), let me know, and I will email you a link.

Come along with me on the journey of life – the new changes in my life in Maine and homeschooling!