Searching for Sanity

I am so excited for my friend, Lindsey Bell! Her new parenting book, Searching for Sanity is about to launch on January 31st!

I am on her launch team, so I was able to read this book already. Wow! It. is. brilliant.

Friends, I know many of us have read several parenting books before. I haven’t read a truck load of specificly parenting books because they always seemed about the same, hoping to pull out a good tip or two between the rest of the blah, blah, blah that may or may not apply to you and your kid(s).

This book isn’t like that.

Lindsey has this ability to write very profound things in minimal words. 

Searching for Sanity‘s subtitle is 52 Insights from the Parents of the Bible. Now, don’t go thinking this will be another retelling of Bible stories you have already heard numerous times so you won’t learn anything new there.

Lindsey also has the ability to discuss what we may have already read before in our Bible and view it from another angle, bringing to life the stories through today’s parenting lens.

Using this framework, Lindsey has done a fantastic job compiling this book. She is right, the Bible does contain the blueprint and model for our parenting issues. They aren’t outdated. They’re still relevant today.

She has creatively picked 52 parents from the Bible and written a short chapter (good for moms with little time to sit and read in-depth books) on each one. The chapters are jam packed with Biblical wisdom and her own experiences. 

This book can be read in a couple of days, 52 days, or even one year, taking one chapter a week.

At the end of each chapter, Lindsey has thoughtfully put in questions that will challenge and grow you as a parent. They can be used as guides for group discussion, to do a private journal, or to help you make your own parenting blueprint.

All put together, this book will guide you through creating your own parenting model to follow. It makes you think. But each chapter builds on the next to come up with something to really use.

This is unlike any other parenting book I’ve read or seen available. It is truly a remarkable book.

In fact, I go so far as to say that you don’t even have to be a parent yet to use it. I would give this book to ladies who are expecting, so they can think through these things and have a foundation and direction already made for parenting. 

On the other end, I also think that parents of older kids, like myself, will still be able to use this book to tweak parenting and perhaps give new directions and purpose to the midst of our parenting.

It’s a must read in my humble opinion. Invaluable!

Lindsey is hosting a launch party on Facebook on Friday (the 31st)! Everyone is invited to come and hang out on her page. She will be giving away a bunch of cool prizes (books, gift cards, chocolate, and more). It’s at 9PM EST. Head over to her author page <==(click this link to go there) and see what fun is happening!

You can pre-order/order Searching for Sanity here on ==> Amazon! (Affiliate link)

See you at the party!!!

Later in February, Lindsey will be back on my blog doing a Q&A about Searching for Sanity. Looking forward to her being our guest!

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